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Great Peace
   Several years ago the Lord made it plain to me that He wanted to take  the place of my father who died when I was a little girl. He literally wanted to be my Father. 
   As I went to sleep that night I was thinking about my relationship with Him as my Father. I had a dream that He and I were out walking in the woods at night. I was not afraid because He was with me. For some reason we would be out there all night. I started to wander a little bit. Then some big rats started chasing me. (Earlier my brother told me about how the rats in Colombia bite the street children that live in the sewers.)
         I ran back to my Father and crawled up into His lap. He just flicked the rats away with His foot. They were nothing to Him. I curled up in His arms and went to sleep. I knew He would stay up all night to take care of me. It was His pleasure to do it.
         When I did a study on Ps 119:165 I discovered that the "nothing shall offend them" meant, nothing will rattle their cage. It reminds me of  a time when I was three or four years old. My mother and I were on the way home, late at night, in the middle of a snow storm. We got stuck. It was exciting for a little while but pretty soon I went to sleep. I  knew that my mom would of things. When I woke up it was morning and I was in my own bed.