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Thou tellest my wanderings: put thou my tears into thy bottle: are they not in thy book?
~Psalm 56:8

Tear Bottle
Dr. Blackwood told us about how in Israel sometimes when someone is grieving, a loved one will collect their tears in a little bottle and wear it around their neck. It is a way of showing how much they care about the other person's suffering.

God reminded me that He never causes one more tear than what is absolutly necessary. Every tear I cry is precious to Him.
I Know Not Why
I know not why His hand is laid
        In chastening on my life;
Nor why it is my little world
        Is filled so full of strife.

I know not why, when faith looks up
        And seeks for rest from pain,
That o'er my sky fresh clouds arise
        And drench my path with rain.

I know not why my prayers so long
        By Him have been denied;
Not why, while others' ships sail on,
        Mine should in port abide.

But I do know God is love,
        That He my burden shares;
and though I may not understand,
        I know, for me, He cares.
                                    ~ Grace Troy