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"... and if in anything ye be otherwise minded: God shall reveal even this unto you. "                                          Philippines 3:15

It was one of the most difficult times of my life, but I was exactly where the Lord wanted me. I was having a very difficult time at work but the real problem was in my heart. I was in turmoil. My heart was all stirred up from things in my past. I was battling with myself and the enemy.

I went to a Christian counselor to see if he could help but his conclusion was that I was not ready to heal yet. He thought that in perhaps 5 years I would be prepared for healing. When I got home and was alone I collapsed on the carpet and wept. I couldn't imagine feeling the way I did for the next five years.

Then the Lord put a picture in my mind, one that was tailor made for me. (I was a pre-med major for 3 years.) It was an arm, badly infected. As I watched the infection was drawn up into a boil. Then it was ready to be lanced so the infection could be removed.

Immediately I understood. My pain was to generalized. The Lord was waiting till just the right time to remove the infection. The illustration was so clear and so ironic that it tikled me. I went from weeping to laughing uncontrollably.