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Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself. 
~ Matthew 6:34a         

I was working as a temp. at a factory that made light bulbs. I was able to listen to audio tapes while I worked, and I did. The local library has thousands and thousands of books on tape, so I got a good education working there.

One of the books I listened to was about the Civil War. It focused quite a bit on Abraham Lincoln. I was surprised at how much time he spent working on his reelection.

I got very "into" the book, I wished there was some way
I could tell President Lincoln that he didn't need to worry about the election. God would take care of that. He needed to stay focused on the war.

Hind sight is pretty good. God sees all time as present. He sees where I am right now but that doesn't worry Him because He also sees what I will be and how I will get there. I wonder how many times He has wished that I would stop fretting about things that He has already taken care of instead of focusing on what is truly important.