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Jesus wept.  ~ John 11:33

I was raising a beautiful yellow lab puppy to be a guide dog. I really liked her but I was careful not to get to attached to her because I knew that I would have to give her away. She sure was attached to me though. When I left for work she would lay down in front of the door and moap till I got home. Then she would jump and lick and play for a long time.

The time came, and Lolly, my puppy, wasn't a puppy anymore. It was time for her to to go. That last week, while I was at work, I started thinking about her and I started crying. I wasn't crying because I would miss her. I was tearing up because I realized that Lolly wouldn't understand. She would think I had diserted her. She would probably be very sad for quite a while. I was crying because I knew the pain she would go through.

This experience, I think gave me a bit of an insight into Jesus' heart. When he came to Lazarus' tomb, the Bible says that Jesus wept. I've often wondered why He wept when He knew that Lazarus would be up and walking around in ten minutes. I think it is because He was weaping with those who wept. He was crying because of their pain.

One lady who had been horribly abused asked the Lord why. One of the answers He gave to her was, "When you cried, I cried" He cares very much about us.