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Give us this day our daily bread.     ~Matthew 6:11

I took a sabbatical a few years ago. I spent the year with my family. During that time I ran out of the supplies that I needed for my insulin pump. They are quite expensive and I didn't have the money to buy them. I asked the Lord to supply the tubing went back to taking shots.

About that time I went to visit a cousin that is blind and a diabetic. Without my saying anything about my need, my cousin asked me if I needed any pump supplies. She tried using a pump but was not able to manage it because she was blind. She returned the pump but was not able to return the supplies. Those supplies lasted me till I was able to buy my own.

While I was home, I ordered a set of video tapes for my mother that would help her make wise financial decisions. The tapes were backordered and were suppose to arrive in six weeks. About every three months I called to check on their arrival. They kept assuring me that they were coming soon.

The afternoon before I was suppose to go back to Indianapolis I took a walk and had a talk with the Lord. I told Him about how concerned I was for my mother. She was about to make a very poor financial decision. The Lord reminded me that He cares more about her than I do. He assured me that He would take care of her when I was gone.

When I got back from my walk the tapes had arrived, eight months after I ordered them. After watching them my mother decided not to make the financial investment and the Lord proved once again that He provides when it is time. Someone once said, "The Lord is seldom early, but never late."